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    Our company

    We are a group of young Tibetan full of enthusiasm about tourism. Inspired by highlights of the traditional Tibetan culture and possessing deep understanding of the concept of modern marketing economy, we are endeavoring to introduce you the true profile of Tibet by means of operating tourist business so as to promote humans knowledge and exploration of the nature and display our elegant demeanor.

    Commitment with outstanding service and competitive price, we are willing to organize and receive different types of tourist groups to travel in Tibet, which may include cultural tours, adventurous tours, scientific investigation tours, special tours and sightseeing tours. We welcome you all; no matter you come with tourist groups, as a packer or for business tours. All your tours come to form a diversified variety of our tourist products. Out of all the products, special expedition tours are our speciality that no other companies can compete. For 10 years, we have organized different kinds of tours such as trekking tours, mountain-climbing, Overland Tours, photographing tours, bicycle-riding tours and others. Our steps have covered vast areas of Tibet Autonomous Region and also our service could reach Nepal, Main land China. from which we have accumulated a wealth of experience and developed our unique and competitive tourist products.

    Over years, we have organized and implemented trekking tours to the Eastern Tibet, Kailash Kora Region in Tibet, Meditation Tour,the overland tours along overland Sichuan-Tibet Highway drive, Yunnan-Tibet Highway drive, Qinghai-Tibet Highway drive and Lhasa-Zhangmu/Kyirong Nepal-Chinese Border. And we also formed tour groups to climbs and Expedition Shishabangma, Kharta,Mt.Everest Advance Base Camp,Mt.Chu Oyu Lhapari in Tibet; such activities were held continuously for 9 years. And the Mountain bike tours held along Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Lhasa to Nepal-Chinese border call Zhangmu, as above have been accepted and appreciated by more and more tourists.

    • Tibet Tour since 1996
    • Trekking Tour since 1997
    • Overland Tour (Toyota Model 4x4) since 1996
    • Classic Tour since 1996
    • Bicycle /Motorcycle Tour since 1998
    • Horse riding Tour since 1999
    • Mountaineering Tour since 1998
    • Scientific Expedition Tour since 1998
    • Tibetan monk / Lama with Meditation Tour 1997
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