Location of Tibet

Tibetan plateau covering 1.23 million sq km is linked to the south by the 2500km long Himalayas and to the west by the Karakoram. With an average height of 4,000 meters above sea level, Tibet encompasses some of the world's highest mountains. Mt. Everest (8848m), the worlds highest peak rises abruptly on the Tibet Nepal border. Four mountains exceed altitudes of 8,000 meters and thirty eight mountains exceed altitudes of 7,000 meters.

Renowned as Roof of the World with a 3482 km international border with Nepal, India, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar, Tibet has remained a hidden sanctuary to the western world for many years. Soon after Tibet opened up doors for tourism in the mid 1980s, Travel in Tibet became one of the prime tourism interests across the world. With this, Tibet tours gained more popularity amongst avid travellers. Despite modernization over the past few years Tibet has retained the beauties of its past, such as the fascinating Gompas, ancient markets, ever-smiling and fun-loving Tibetans, amazing turquoise lakes etc which reward every tourist with an indelible life long memory.

sIZE1.23 million sq. km.
POPULATIONover 318 million
STAPLE FOODTsampa (roasted barley flour)
NATIONAL DRINKSalted butter tea
TYPICAL ANIMALSWild yak, Bharal (blue) sheep, Musk deer, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelle, Kyang (wild ass), Pica
TYPICAL BIRDSBlack necked crane, Lammergeier, Great crested grebe, Bar-head_lowcaseed goose, Ruddy shel duck, Ibis-bill
MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMSRampant deforestation in Eastern Tibet, poaching of large mammals
HIGHEST MOUNTAINChomo Langma (Mt. Everest) 29, 028 ft.
AVERAGE RAINFALLVaries widely. In the west it is 1 mm in Jan. to 25 mm in July. In the east, it is 25-50 in Jan. and 800 in July
AVERAGE TEMPERATUREJuly 58 f; Jan. 24 f.
MINERAL DEPOSITSBorax, uranium, iron, chromite, gold
MAJOR RIVERSMekong, Yangtse, Salween, Tsangpo, Yellow
ECONOMYTibetans: predominantly in agriculture and animal husbandry.
PROVINCESU-Tsang (Central Tibet), Amdo (N.E. Tibet), Kham (S.E. Tibet)
BORDERING COUNTRIESIndia, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Myanmar 
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