Tibetan Climate

Shannan: On the southern bank of the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Shannan has a temperate climate.

Nyingchi: The average temperature is 8.9C with the highest being 26.7C and the lowest -11.9"C, based on the data of the year 2000.

Ngari: The average yearly temperature is 0.1C. The average temperature of the coldest month is -12.1C with the lowest temperature being -33.9C. The average temperature of the hottest month is 13.6C. The content of oxygen is comparably lower.

Qamdo: Qamdo has a highland continental climate. The weather in northwestern and northern parts is frigid and dry and that in southeast is temperate and moist. Also it has long sunlight and strong radiation. The temperature in the daytime and night demonstrates a big gap. There are more night rains in summer but more winds in spring and winter. The yearly rainfall is 400-600 mm and the sunlight totals 2,319-2,776 hours a year.

Best Season for Touring Tibet

From April to October is the best season for touring Tibet. From June to September there are more rainfalls and the scenery is beautiful. But the little rain low places and are many top of Mountains snow fall. Some cities part of Tibet like Lhasa, Chamdo/ Kham , Bayi and Tsedang area noproblem for visit in winter time, because the weather is not too cold. Also you can trip to Mt.Everest Base Camp there is noproblem drive.

Must for Adapting to Highland Climate
  1. Doing everything slowly and taking a good rest.
  2. Drinking much more water.
  3. Stabilizing the temperature of your body and not to catch cold.
  4. Bringing some pain-killers which don't cause a heavy sleep.
  5. Not take any smoke or wine.
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