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Yarlung Zangbo River
Yarlung Zangbo River

A tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo, Lhasa River is a place for Tibetan to have a bath and wash their clothes in the seventh month of the Tibetan calendar. During this Bathing Festival from Garmagun in the east to Sahu in the south and Rainbow Spring at the foot of the Sera Monastery, people are enjoying their bathing and washing. A legend says during the festival the Lhasa River water is good as the holy water. If you like you can join the local people to have a bath in this holy water. In addition, on the southern bank of the river you can see a reflection of the Potala Palace in the river. Some photographers and funs wait here for this wonderful scene. The Tablet to Mark the Construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway stands on the bank in front of the Long-Distance Bus Station in city proper. Also visitors can hire a canoe sewn up with pieces of cattle hide to cross the river here.

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