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Nepal Cross Tibet Zhangmu to Mt.Kailash and Lake Mansarovar (12days)

Quantity of days: 12
The description of a route on days:
Day 1: Drive to Nyalam[3750m] Via Zhangmu [2300m]
Day 2: Rest Day in Nyalam
Day 3: Drive to Saga Via Peiku Tso Lake
Day 4: Drive to Paryang
Day 5: Drive to Manasarovar [4560m]
Day 6: Rest half day and drive to Tarboche[4750m]
Day 7: Trek to Kailash Dira-puk
Day 8: Trek to Zutul-Puk [4790m]
Day 9: Trek to Darchen [4560m]
Day 10: Drive to Saga [4600m]
Day 11: Drive to Zhangmu Via Nyalam [3750m]
Day 12: Drive to Kathmandu [1400m]
Day 13: 
Day 14: 
Day 15: 
Day 16: 

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