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Chengdu- Kham- Amdo- Xini- Lhasa Overland Drive

Quantity of days: 18
The description of a route on days:
Day 1: Chengdu-Dartsedo via chakzamka chain bridge
Day 2: Dartsedo-Tawu
Day 3: Tawu-Kandze
Day 4: Kandze-Palyu
Day 5: Palyul via katok –Dege
Day 6: Dege –Dachuka via Yulhuntso-Manigango
Day 7: Dzachuka-Jyekundo
Day 8: Jyekundo-Machen
Day 9: Machen-Xining via Tsekok and Rebkong
Day 10: Sightseeing in Xining
Day 11: Xining-Dulan via Koko nor
Day 12: Dulan-Golmud
Day 13: Golmud-Tuotuoheyan
Day 14: Tuotuoheyan-Naqu
Day 15: Naqu-Lhasa
Day 16: Full day Sightseeing in Lhasa
Day 17: Full Day SightSeeing in Lhasa
Day 18: Lhasa-fly next destination

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